Re: The Rapture (1991)

From: David P. Hayes
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.past-films
Date: Saturday, April 04, 1998 7:22 PM

Allan Gorochow wrote in message
>Religious fanaticism is really not the issue in this movie, In fact,
>the director treats the believers in this movie with respect.
>And that is what makes this film so disturbing. The believers are
>right about what will happened [sic]. Rogers' character did not accept the
>warnings because she was angry at God for allowing suffering.
>And she was punished for it for eternity.

Mimi Rogers' character is more fanatically religious than the others. She's the one who goes to the desert because she hears God's call, and she's the one who believes that God will provide for her regardless of how cut off she makes herself from the customary sources of food and shelter; she's so committed to her conviction that she allows her house to go into foreclosure because the "signs" she has is that she will not be returning to it. The other characters are religious only in a lip-service manner--they talk of it, but live their lives in the same workaday manner as would anyone else.

Rogers's character, the most religiously-devoted of the characters--follows her beliefs to the point of bringing about the death of her only child. Isn't that what the dominant religion in the Western world has presented as an ideal?

David Hayes


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