Possible biopics (Re: Chaplin Biopic (Was: Re: Greetings))

From: David P. Hayes
Newsgroups: alt.movies.chaplin,alt.movies.silent
Date: Monday, February 23, 1998 12:35 AM

Feuillade wrote in message
>And when will they do a Harold Lloyd biopic?
>Maybe they could get Jim Carrey to play Lloyd…

Harold Lloyd's life lends itself well to a biographical movie. The bomb-explosion that took away two of Harold's fingers and also Lloyd's hope for several months, would provide a terrific action sequence as well as a dramatic focus for the movie. Other events of the story could relate to that event: Harold's climbing buildings in subsequent films could be shown to be more dangerous for him than for others because of his lessened abilities to grasp ornaments, pillars and balconies. Lloyd's optimism and his displaying of go-getter ingenuity in his life and in his film roles, could be depicted as a victory over the defeat that nearly took his life, or his physical integrity, or his will to accomplish superior goals without recourse to despair.

That Lloyd had fewer permanent or semi-permanent women in his life than Chaplin would also enable these roles to be more fully developed than their counterparts in the Chaplin/Downey Jr. picture.

David Hayes


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