Movies which seem better in retrospect (Re: Proof that Oscars mean diddly WAS Re: poll:greatest directors of all time)

From: David P. Hayes
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Date: Thursday, February 12, 1998 2:15 PM

Dave Platt wrote in message …
>Buffy Tuffington posted the Sight And Sound Poll in this thread about
>greatest directors: [see below]

>It finally proved something that I suspected: of these movies, I believe
>only one (Godfather) won Best Picture Oscar. I realize that even critics
>and directors' opinions are subjective, but the Sight and Sound poll is
>very respected, and I think it puts the lie to the notion that the Oscars
>is the measure of what makes a quality movie.

Often the same critics who contribute to lists of the best movies of all time (or another long period) go against the choices that they made for a given year immediately after the year was over. It's been pointed out that "Raging Bull" (1980) showed up on lists of the best films of the 1980s once they were compiled during the 90s (about ten years after the late-1980 release of the film), yet the very critics that put the Scorcese/DeNiro work on those lists had often not even placed "Raging Bull" as highly on their lists of the best films of 1980 (when such were compiled late in 1980 or early in 1981) as other films which DIDN'T make the decade's-best poll.

"Raging Bull" seems to impress critics better in retrospect. The beautiful contrasts of the images and the epic power of DeNiro's expressions in those tight close-ups, haunt the reviewer recalling the film, yet after time has passed, critics become adjusted to or forget the two-plus-hours spent following the rocky dramatic course of the unappealing lives of the main characters and the meandering course they follow (a plotline dictated by the film being a biography).

David Hayes

The Sight and Sound list from previous post:
># Critics' Pick of Top 10 Films
># Citizen Kane
># La Regle du jeu
># Tokyo Story
># Vertigo
># The Searchers
># L'Atlante
># Passion of Joan of Arc
># Pather Panchali
># Battleship Potemkin
># 2001 : a Space Odyssey
># Directors' Pick of Top 10 Films
># Citizen Kane
># Raging Bull
># 8 1/2
># La Strada
># L'Atlante
># Modern Times
># Godfather
># Vertigo
># Seven Samurai
># Passion of Joan of Arc


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