Re: Are 1.85:1 films "pan 'n' scanned"? (was: Re: NxNW/The Birds on Laserdisc)

From: David P. Hayes
Date: 1997/10/22
Newsgroups:, rec.arts.movies.past-films, alt.movies.hitchcock

In article ,  jason <> wrote:
> panning and scanning is a crime.  it destroys the intent not only of the
> often hailed director, but the cinematographer, editor, production
> designer, actors and just about everyone who worked on the film except for
> the sound crew.

A minor point, but the work of the sound crew is also distorted.  When sound is mixed for a widescreen film, different sound and different levels are assigned to the left and right channels on the basis of onscreen location of sound-producing objects.  However, when cropping results in just the right two-thirds or the left two-thirds of the image remaining, something that was in the center of the widescreen image is now on a side, yet when this happens, the stereo tracks are not necessarily remixed to remove the sound from being reproduced on the inappropriate side.


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