Re: Saving Silents With Technology

From: David P. Hayes
Newsgroups: alt.movies.silent
Date: Sunday, September 13, 1998 8:39 PM

Joseph Christina wrote in message <>…
>Could anyone point out where I might get more information on what is
>done to restore or preserve old film (such as silents) through the use
>of computer programs. With numerous static shots, only dealing with
>black and white, and the lack of a soundtrack to complicate things, I
>would guess a program could be designed to restore areas where nitrate
>has worn off, match uneven lighting, etc. I have some professional
>interest in this also. I'm a programmer, and would *love* to combine my
>two areas of interest, but have no idea what companies are engaged in
>this type of work.

Adding to information already posted:

Sony is involved. They did the first effort at a live-action film, that being Frank Capra's "The Matinee Idol." If you check DejaNews for the last year, searching for "The Matinee Idol," this newsgroup and my email address, you'll quickly find a post I produced about it. (I was at the premiere of the digital restoration version of the film.) From that post(s), you can click the "thread" features to read the many other posts submitted by other contributors to this newsgroup. (I'm not so much attempting to get you to read my posts first as suffering from not being 100% sure who another of the contributors were; submitting just one of the names to DejaNews will limit the search to good results more quickly than not using any author's IDs.)

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